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Face Painting
  • What does Damaris need?
  • Damaris provides the necessary table, chair, and child's bar stool. She needs an area of at least 8 x8 sq. feet for her setup. Area must be ventilated and shaded, if it's not indoors. Indoors must be in a well lit area.

  • How many faces can be painted in one hour
  • When all guests are in the line waiting to get painted, Damaris can paint 12-15 elaborate faces per hour (4 – 5 minutes per face). Please note that these numbers are not guaranteed unless several guests are present and waiting in line.

  • What are the design options?
  • Damaris brings an album with over 24 designs for the children to choose from. From Super Hero's and Tigers to Butterlfy's and Princess' and everything in between your child will be sure and find a design that will bring their fantasy's to life.

  • How long does face painting last?
  • Extreme Face Painting uses top quality face paints that can last for several hours when kept dry in relative cool tempatures. Water or sweat will remove the paint.

  • What age is best for face painting?
  • Face Painting is great from toddlers at least 2 years of age to adults!

  • Is face painting safe?
  • All face painting supplies are 100% safe for skin, easy to remove, and FDA Approved. If the child or adult has severe allergies, we can perform an allergy test on the hand to be fully safe before applying. Face Painting will not be applied on any cut of the skin or rashes for sanitary purposes. Learn more about our Safety and Hygiene Policy

  • How do I remove the face painting?
  • Follow these EASY instructions to remove paint from the skin in a GENTLE way! It’s a simple trick that will eliminate the need to roughly scrub or use makeup removers to try to get rid of a stain…. simply SKIP THE WATER!
    GENTLY rub a mild soap directly into the paint with your finger tips WITHOUT WATER. This feels like a soft massage to the child, but looks like you are making a big gooey mess. Take your wet washcloth and gently wipe away the paint goo. The washcloth will pick up most of the paint. Rinse washcloth and repeat until all face paint is removed.



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